Food Insecurity

Food insecurity - worrying about accessing enough food, making compromises to quality or quantity or just going without - is becoming much more of an issue for our communities.

People experiencing food insecurity face not only a lack of sufficient food, but also negative impacts on their health and the stress of being able to feed their family from one day to the next. This can also come with feelings of shame and helplessness, social stigma and isolation. Community food initiatives have a really important role to play here, as they can provide emotional and practical support as well as places for people to access food.

Find your local foodbank

For more information on how to access a foodbank, donate or help out, click on the links below.

Glasgow North West

Glasgow North East

Glasgow South East



East Renfrewshire

East Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire

Donating to your local foodbank

Any non-perishable goods are welcome. A typical food parcel includes - 

Breakfast cereals
Pasta sauce
Tinned beans
Tinned meat
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Tea or coffee

Your local foodbank may also highlight what's particularly needed that month. See the websites above.

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