Interpreting Services - British Sign Language (BSL) and Spoken Language Interpreters

It is the responsibility of NHSGGC staff to provide an interpreter for patients attending any of our healthcare services.

Please note that the provision of interpreters is paid for directly by NHSGGC. There will be no cost to your service.

Booking a British Sign Language Interpreter (BSL)

To book a BSL Interpreter, contact the NHSGGC Interpreting Service via email or Staffnet. Patients may have a preferred interpreter that they would like to use for their appointment. This information should be passed on to the Interpreting Service who will make the booking. Wherever possible you should try to book the person or organisation the patient chooses. However, in an emergency situation it may not always be possible to use the patients preferred choice.

Where possible staff should book interpreters in advance of any appointment. In an emergency, or if you require an interpreter within the next 24 hours,  please call the booking centre and explain the circumstances. 

To view a short film on how best to support our Deaf BSL patients, click here.

NHSGGC Interpreting Service (8.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Fri, 8.00am - 4.00pm Sat-Sun)
or go to Staffnet/ Info Centre/ Interpreting Services

Tel: 0141 347 8811

Out of Hours Procedures
When the Interpreting Call Centre is closed, please contact the patient's preferred agency, if provided, or call 0300 343 505.

BSL Online Interpreting Service - This service allows staff to communicate with  Deaf BSL patients while waiting for a face to face interpreter to arrive. It is particularly useful in emergencies and for unplanned visits and can be used during hospital stays when an interpreter is not yet present. BSL Online is now available at hospital sites across NHSGGC. Click here for more information.

Communicating with Deaf patients by phoneNew BSL Video Relay Interpreting Service

Spoken Language Interpreting

For Telephone Interpreting call Language Line on 0800 028 0073.
For more information on this service, go to Staffnet.

Booking a Face to Face Interpreter

Contact NHSGGC Interpreting Service (8.00am - 6.00pm Mon-Fri, 8.00am - 4.00pm, Sat-Sun)
or go to Staffnet

Tel: 0141 347 8811

Out of Hours Procedures
If a face to face interpreter is required contact Global Languages: 0141 429 3429.

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