Healthier Wealthier Children

The Healthier Wealthier Children (HWC) project continues to provide evidence of financial gain, debt reduction and reduced stress for NHS patients.

In 7 years, this NHS led child poverty initiative has resulted in £20 million pounds going back into the pockets of local families with nearly 16,000 referrals to money advice services from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde staff.

The initiative has meant that many people are now receiving welfare benefits they were unaware they were entitled to. Debts have been written off and sanctions appealed successfully. Families have had access to grants and assistance with dealing with food and fuel poverty.

All NHSGGC midwives and health visitors are now asking about money and debt worries routinely and referring to money advice services as part of day to day care. 

The project has now been mainstreamed across all NHSGGC areas:

- maintaining Children & Families referral pathways to money advice services
- awareness sessions on money worries, child poverty and welfare reform for NHS staff
- monitoring outcomes of the Healthier Wealthier Children approach
- mainstreaming group work programmes

In Inverclyde, Barnardos, the NHS and other agencies such as the Money Advice Service, work closely together to meet the needs of pregnant women with complex needs, where money and debt worries are often hidden. This joint working has resulted in increased engagement from women and better outcomes. 

HWC Reports and Further Information

Healthier Wealthier Children has been recognised as a model of good practice in the Equally Well Review, National Money Advice Service Good Practice Guide and at the Scottish Health Awards.

"The HWC Project generated impressive gains for pregnant women and families, despite being a newly established service operating over a short timescale. Many of these important gains may not have been accessed through traditional money/welfare advice service deliver. The HWC Project also raised NHS workforce awareness of child poverty issues by providing a mechanism for referring vulnerable individuals and families for advice and support. Equally, it encouraged local money and welfare advice services to increase their engagement with the child poverty agenda." MAXIMISING OPPORTUNITIES: evaluation report of the Healthier Wealthier Children Project, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, July 2012 

To read the full report, click here. To read the executive summary of the report, click here

HEALTHIER, WEALTHIER CHILDREN: learning from an early intervention child poverty project, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, October 2013 (2nd phase evaluation)

To read the full report, click here. To read the executive summary of the report, click here

The HWC project has informed NHSGGC's responses to the Scottish Government's consultation on the National Child Poverty Strategy and the UK Consultation on Universal Credit. To view the NHSGGC Consultation Response to Child Poverty Strategy, click here. To view the NHSGGC Consultation Response to Passported Benefits, click here.

For more information on the project and to read examples of families’ stories go to the HWC web site.

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