How we are addressing disability

It is the responsibility of service providers and employers not to discriminate against a person on the grounds of their disability, regardless of how the person may describe themselves. This is important because many people may not regard themselves as ‘disabled’, but they will still have rights under the Equality Act. The law applies to all disabled people who use NHS services. This includes visitors and members of the public, as well as patients and staff

Specific examples of work include:

'Clear to All' Accessible Information Policy

This policy ensures that patients who have communication support needs can have access to written information in the format that meets their needs,such as Braille, words and pictures, British Sign Language or audio version.

Deaf People & Health Services

A range of work currently being undertaken by NHSGGC to promote British Sign Language (BSL) as a language and culture and improve the experience of our Deaf BSL patients. This includes a BSL Online Interpreting Service, a plan to better meet the mental health needs of Deaf and hard of hearing people, staff training in BSL and a BSL Health Champions Group. We are also consulting with our patients regarding NHSGGC's response to the BSL Act.

Release Potential Staff Campaign

This campaign is promoting the importance of a workplace culture which supports disabled colleagues. This includes a staff web site and the production of information and resources for managers. A Staff Disability Forum has also been formed.

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