How we are addressing Religion & Belief issues

NHSGGC has a multi-levelled response in tackling inequalities associated within religion and belief.

  • The organisation actively pursues the capture of religion / belief from its staff at recruitment stage as well during the course of employment (SWISS) to ensure that it doesn’t discriminate against one group of staff.
  • We have developed a Spiritual Care Policy outlining the nature of spiritual care, the provision of spiritual care facilities in our hospitals, training and education, the role of all staff in delivering spiritual care and the importance of consultation with faith and belief groups.
  • Healthcare Chaplaincy, as an NHS service, has a key role in responding to the spiritual and religious needs of staff, patients and visitors. Healthcare Chaplains function on a ‘generic basis’ whereby their service is for all people, regardless of faith or belief. They are a point of contact to draw in care and support from particular faith and belief groups.
  • The organisation provides training to staff at induction level and during the course of employment on equality and diversity which includes religious/ belief issues. Training on subjects such as Loss andBereavement include reference to the needs of those from faith communities.
  • Service Providers using our Equality Impact Assessment Toolkit can identify whether there services are actively addressing issues associated with religion and belief and put in place necessary actions
  • The Catering Service provides Halal, Kosher and vegetarian meals upon request. Work is being undertaken to meet the needs of other religious groups.

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