How we are addressing Sex and Gender issues

'A Fairer NHSGGC 2016-20 - Meeting the requirements of Equality Legislation' sets out what the organisation is doing to ensure it meets its responsibilities to promote gender equality and remove sex discrimination across all its services and functions. Most actions in this document involve addressing gender issues. In addition, actions on closing the health gap between affluent and deprived communities in NHSGGC take into account the different needs of women and men.

Some examples of actions include:

  • Equality Impact Assessments undertaken throughout NHSGGC has a strong gender element

  • An NHSGGC Gender-based Violence Action Plan has been in place for a number of years

  • Women and child poverty work has gained increasing prominence in NHSGGC, endorsed by the Scottish Government funded Healthier Wealthier Children Project

  • Sex and gender issues are key within Human Resources Equality Scheme actions (e.g. Equal Pay Audit,Audit of family friendly policies)

  • A gender analysis of our equality scheme, 'A Fairer NHSGGC', which sets out how we will meet the needs of equality legislation

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