Peoples Experiences

“The treatment our mother received has given us, her family the distinct impression that maybe a younger person would have been taken more seriously.

The impression we have now is that elderly people are not worth wasting time, energy, equipment and of course budget on, as they are on their way out anyway, so why bother! Nothing can bring my mum back. But we want to know why the cancer was not diagnosed until it was too late. If she had been taken seriously and given the treatment she deserved and paid into all her life, then maybe she could have had radiotherapy. But she never got the choice. We could have had her home with us or admitted to a respectful and compassionate hospice. We did not get the choice. We feel that if her pain had been taken seriously from the start and if she was not treated as someone senile, which she certainly was not, she may very well still be alive today. For that we will never know”.

Taken from, Fair for All Age - Age and Health Guidance (2007)

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