Gender Based Violence
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We have compiled a directory of agencies who deal with gender based violence. To access this resource simply browse using the links below.

Gender Based Violence

Domestic abuse, sexual violence, child sexual abuse and other forms of gender-based violence cause immense pain and suffering and are a major public health issue. The physical, emotional and psychological consequences of gender-based violence can be profound and include injury, anxiety, depression, addictions, self harm and suicide.

Many people affected by gender-based violence are reluctant to come forward to other agencies, often through fear or shame, but do present across the whole range of primary and acute health settings. Consequently, health workers are in a unique position to provide help and support. Ignoring or not responding to gender-based violence means that you cannot treat the presenting health issue properly and, at worst, could increase the risk of long-term and chronic ill-health and even death.

  • Sarah's Story

    Sarah tells of her own experience of gender-based violence (voiced by an actress)

  • Kath Gallagher

    Kath Gallagher of NHSGGC's Corporate Inequalities Team explains what the organisation is doing to address these issues.

Health workers, in all settings, need to know about gender-based violence, what to look for and how to respond. This is fundamental to our duty of care to patients and part of our service role to promote gender equality.

The NHS GBV Action Plan sets out our aims and objectives for identifying and managing our responsibilities around gender-based violence. Implementation of the plan will strengthen our capacity to deliver effective and high quality health services to all and to work with other agencies to tackle the causes of gender-based violence.

Key NHSGGC Documents

Letter from Chief Medical officer re Child Tax/Universal Credit Two Child Cap Exemption

NHSGGC Emergency Department Gender Based Violence Policy

NHSGGC Service and HSCP Leads for Gender-based Violence

NHS Staff Briefing Paper on FGM

NHSGGC Care Pathway for Revision of FGM

NHSGGC Forced Marriage Policy

NHSGGC Human Trafficking Guidelines and Supporting Documents

Responding within Primary Care to Patient Experience of Gender-based Violence

NHSGGC GBV Employee Policy

NHSGGC GBV Employee Policy Manager's Guidance




For more publications relating to Gender-Based Violence, please see Useful Links and Publications
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