Sex & Gender and other Protected Characteristics

Gender differences cut across all the other protected characteristics such as age, race and social class.

For example:

  • Male life expectancy is six years lower than for females across NHSGGC
  • In NHSGGC, there is a nine-year gap in male life expectancy between East Dunbartonshire (77.7 years) and North Glasgow (68.6 years)
  • Asian women aged between 15-35 are two to three times more vulnerable to suicide and self harm than their non-Asian counterparts
  • Retired women and lone parents are most at risk of poverty and average incomes of women in work are lower

Other inequality issues can prevent people from receiving health services and treatment appropriate to their sex. For example, some disabled women have been told that they do not need cervical smear tests because of assumptions about their sexual behaviour.

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