Why Gender Reassignment Matters to Health

Transgender people are entitled to the same level of quality care as everyone else and should expect to receive it based on their gender identity, gender expression or physical body. However, it is important to appreciate the lived experience of many Trans people to ensure the care health services provide is appropriate and sensitive.

Findings from the recent INCLUSION Project research showed significant issues for Trans people include:

  • Mental health problems including suicide, self harm, anxiety and depression
  • Lack of primary care facilities as many GPs have no or little knowledge of transgender people’s needs
  • Lack of access to essential medical treatment for gender identity issues, i.e. electrolysis for trans women
  • Lack of awareness and understanding of care providers so that transgender people are in appropriately treated in single gender out patient and in patient services.
  • Inconsistent funding and access to gender reassignment services throughout Scotland
  • Lack of social work service to support children, young people, adults and families with gender identity issues.
  • Social exclusion, violence and abuse and the resulting negative impact on health and well-being

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