2. Engages with those experiencing inequality and discrimination.

The NHS in Scotland aims to work more in partnership with patients. Learning from patient experience and service user engagement initiatives is key to Goal 2. However, initiatives that ignore inequalities issues are discriminatory. Service user engagement should specifically involve people representing the protected characteristics.

People’s experience of inequalities relates to why they develop health problems, do not engage with health services and find it difficult to manage their health problems. Service user engagement and patient experience programmes that recognise inequalities issues will:

  • identify barriers to patient attendance

  • improve equal access to services

  • improve patient experience of services

  • improve the experience of taking part in service user engagement activities

In the long term, these inequalities sensitive programmes will lead to a better understanding of:

  • which patients access health services and why

  • the type of inequalities patients have experienced

  • how this affects their health and the way they use health services

In NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde some areas have carried out Equality Impact Assessments of user engagement activity. In addition, support is being provided for a strategic approach to:

  • recognising equalities issues within user engagement induction and development

  • equalities monitoring of service user engagement groups

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde has also completed inpatient and primary care pilots as part of the national Patient Experience Learning Programme which includes equalities monitoring.

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National Standards on community engagement and participation.

Codes of Practice: Equality and Human Rights Commission


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