Inequalities Sensitive Practice Initiative (ISPI)

ISPI was active from April 2006-March 2009. It was established to test out and hone ways of developing practice that is sensitive to the impact of inequalities.
Funded by the Scottish Government, the initiative has resulted in key learning which can help NHSGGC improve 'frontline' practice and how these changes can be brought about and sustained.
ISPI has been able to demonstrate how a sustainable change in practice can be achieved across four settings -

  • addictions
  • maternity
  • children's services, and
  • primary care mental health.
ISPI has also been able to make clear recommendation as to how the learning from the initiative can inform the development of inequalities sensitive practice across NHSGGC's system.
An independent evaluation of the initiative together with a suite of reports and other useful documents from each of the practice settings can be accessed in Publications

Some of the key documents relating to the initiative are listed below:

Evidence Briefing
The theory that inequalities sensitive practice is an effective approach that can impact positively on health inequalities, draws on literature that describes practice that has been undertaken within NHSGGC, the UK and across wider European and international settings. ISPI commissioned the production of a briefing paper that reviews and highlights this literature. This ISPI Evidence Briefing provides useful information for those involved in efforts to develop and support an inequalities sensitive practice approach at individual and organisational levels. Click here to see report.

ISPI Evaluation Report
An independent evaluation of ISPI was commissioned from Avante Consulting. An action research, dynamic methodology was used in evaluating the initiative, with the evaluators working closely with the initiative throughout its period of activity.
This document details the approach taken within ISPI and describes key learning, messages and recommendations for future development of inequalities sensitive practice.
Click here to read the Executive Summary
Click here to read the Full Report

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