Workforce Development on Equalities

Glasgow CHP - North East Sector 

The following gives different examples of equalities training which has been provided within Glasgow CHP - North East Sector and ongoing work around this topic.

Staff use the suite of protected characteristics e-learning modules as part of their ongoing learning. Within this, we encourage teams to adopt a blended learning approach e.g. further face to face training and development, discussion within team meetings etc. We have tried to integrate equalities work into other training or initiatives e.g. the Healthy Children Programme and learning to support the delivery of the Universal and Vulnerable Children’s Care Pathways.

Children and Families Teams are given as a specific example. All Band 5 & 6 staff have participated in NHSGCC gender based violence training since 2011. Glasgow East Women’s Aid (GEWA) were also commissioned to provide additional support for Northeast Sector Children and Families staff in Routine Sensitive Enquiry - this was in recognition that staff could need further support in putting knowledge into practice. As such, GEWA also provided a local perspective to the National Training content in terms of local resources and supports available to women.

Six month follow up interviews were carried out with staff to see if there was a need for further support. A main area was around working with the Black/Minority Ethnic community and skills in routine enquiry. Further support sessions/practical inputs were arranged for staff around this. Work was also done with women attending Health Centre children’s clinics and the overall results were that a high percentage of women remembered their Health Visitor asking them about their experience of Domestic Abuse. In addition, there has been tailored Gender-based Violence awareness raising sessions provided for Bands 2 to 4 to help them understand the effects of domestic abuse and their role in supporting families and reporting to Health Visitors.

As part of the Healthy Children Programme 30 month assessment (Ready to Learn), communication development training is about to be rolled out to staff within Children and Families. This will include the impact of bi-lingualism on communication development. This learning will support staff to carry out these assessments, plan around the outcomes and ensure that children are best placed to enter education.

In terms of other care groups and services there has been a range of work undertaken and ongoing:

- an Inequalities Sensitive Practice Enquiry, within Homelessness, Primary Care Mental Health and Children and Families Services; which involved staff groups using innovative techniques to patient conversations and reflective practice. This resulted in a joint event with staff sharing their experiences and findings. Within some settings changes in practice occurred and staff reported positively on the experience. Further work is planned this year and the work will be reported in a sharing of practice event due to be held in March.

- Addictions staff undertook the national 2 day Domestic Abuse & Childhood Sexual Abuse training.

- Learning Disability are picking up Routine Sensitive Enquiry with any new referrals

- Homelessness services have undertaken a range of supports with staff including working with translators and tailored gender-based violence training and awareness around some aspects of working with people from Black/Minority Ethnic communities.

- Some GP practices are taking part in gender-based violence training for a pilot programme

- Financial inclusion awareness sessions have been provided. These can take the form of specific training sessions (e.g. on welfare reform) or short sessions on local care pathways and performance.

In addition, Glasgow City Violence Against Women Network has trained a number of staff as trainers in delivering basic awareness around domestic abuse. This is co-ordinated by Glasgow Community Safety services and is open to NHS, Council and voluntary sector staff. The Sector is contributing to this training and an evaluation report is expected shortly. Initial findings are positive.

Glasgow Addictions Services

Glasgow Addiction Services have all the elements of Inequalities Sensitive Practice incorporated into their Electronic Data system (Care First). A report will be available mid 2014 on disclosures and action around gender-based violence (GBV), money worries and employability.

In the last year, Addictions staff have participated in training on:
- Protected characteristics
- Employability
- Welfare rights
- GBV basic awareness and specialist training (e.g. on child sexual abuse)
- Money worries
- Advanced suicide prevention training has incorporated equalities elements particularly GBV

Patient and staff engagement work has been undertaken on any major change in addiction services, which has covered equalities issues such as responses to gender based violence and money worries. Each area of NHSGGC has recovery groups and conversation cafes to inform service provision. An NHSGGC service user group is being set up, service users will facilitate aspects of training and events. A standard patient survey is being developed, which covers equalities issues. 

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