Patient Involvement

NHSGGC wants to work in partnership with patients, learning from patient experiences.

Our patient involvement activities specifically engage with people representing the interests of all the protected characteristics and other groups that experience discrimination. People’s experience of inequalities impact upon their health, how they engage with health services and manage their health problems.

Through our patient involvement work, we want to ensure that patients have equal access to and a better experience of our health services.

Engagement Events

The aim of these events is to talk to groups of people with specific needs about their experiences of using our hospitals and health services and to make improvements based on the issues raised. 

Engagement sessions were held earlier this year and the information gathered helped us plan our equalities activities for 2017-20. For more information, see our 'A Fairer NHSGGC' documents here.

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    Goal 2. Engages with those experiencing inequality and discrimination

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