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Accident & Emergency
Inequalities, Health and the Accident & Emergency Response
Age & Social Isolation  - Equal Opportunities Committee 2015
Human Rights Issues in Later Life
Later Life UK Fact Sheet
Diversity in Older People and Access to Services - an evidence review
Equality & Diversity and Older People with High Support Needs
Age & The Workplace
Older People & Human Rights
Ageing Across Europe - WRVS Report May 2012
NHS Scotland Fair for All Age and Health Guidance, 2007
All our Futures: Planning for a Scotland with an ageing population
Joint NHS and CoSLA Policy Statement on Early Years
Jarvie, A. The External Reference Group for Older People’s Services. Final Report. (The Jarvie Report). 2006
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Age Discrimination (King's Fund)
Progressing Age Equality in NHS Scotland
Guidance on Justifying age based health provision
Health Service Ban on Age Discrimination
NHSGGC Health Needs Assessment - Deafblind and Deaf Communities
Out in the Open - Tackling Disability-Related Harrassment
Disability Living Allowance is Changing - 2013 leaflet 
NHSGGC Sensory Impairment Best Practice Guidelines
Principles of Inclusive Communication - An information and self-assessment tool for public authorities
A Future Without Disability? 2006 Neil Crowther
Achieving Equality & Social Justice – a future without disability? 2006 Bert Massie
The same as you? A review of services for people with learning disabilities - Scottish Govt. 
Scottish Govt. - Report of the National Review of Services for Disabled Children.                     
Health Inequalities & People with Learning Disabilities in the UK: 2010
Fair for All - Achieving Fair Access                                                                                                   
Better Access to Healthcare Buildings
Assistance Dog Policy
Gender Based Violence
For key NHSGGC publications, go to our GBV page
West of Scotland Interagency Adult Support & Protection Practice Guidelines
Equally Safe - Scotland's strategy for eradicating violence against women and girls
Changing for the Better - an employer's guide
A Fairer NHSGGC 2016-20 and related documents
Scottish Social Attitudes Survey 2014 - attitudes to violence against women
Is Britain Fairer? - the state of equality and human rights 2015

Hate Crime

Inequalities Sensitive Practice Initiative (ISPI) Publications
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Promoting Good Relations
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