Sexual orientation and other protected characteristics

Any sexual orientation other than heterosexual often receives negative responses from parts of our society and this can be made worse when combined with other equality issues.

Disabled lesbians and gay men face the same challenges experienced by many disabled people who live in poverty or on very low income. In addition, lack of money means that many disabled lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are excluded from the LGB social scene, often based in pubs and clubs, which can result in increased isolation. Even if money were not an issue, many venues would be inaccessible to some disabled people.

There may be tensions between sexual orientation and other protected characteristics. For instance, someone who identifies as being LGB but also belongs to a particular faith group may experience negative attitudes from other members of that faith group. It may be that some members of a faith group act in a way that might discriminate against LGB people. Recent high profile media coverage has centred on people with faith beliefs refusing to provide goods and services to LGB people in terms of holiday/leisure accommodation.

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