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As a statutory organisation, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is required to provide information in a format which all its service users can understand. This includes providing information in accessible formats such as audio, Braille, large print and community languages.

Every time a new piece of information is produced or an existing one reviewed, it should at the same time be produced in audio CD, words and pictures, Braille, large print, British Sign Language DVD and in our top five spoken languages (review annually).
We must also respond to any individual patient request for information in any accessible format or language of their choice. 
An insert has been produced that should be placed in all leaflets.  It states the following in English plus the 'top six' community languages (currently Polish, Mandarin, Romanian, Arabic, Urdu and Farsi).
'If you require this information in an accessible format, such as large print or braille, or in a community language, please use the contact details on your patient information leaflet or letter.'
This insert should be included with appointment letters and pre-attendance information posted to the patient, and can be given to patients on attendance at clinics or on admission. It is supported by posters displayed within hospitals and GP surgeries and is also offered on Solus Screens.
The leaflet is available from stock in packs of 100 and can be ordered via the PECOS system or by any method used to order goods from stock (e.g. paper indent). It is available in 2 formats to suit varying distribution methods - as a single sided A5 sheet or as a one-third A4 sheet (compliments slip format) suitable for DL type envelopes.
Order codes are as follows:
97106 - Size 1/3 A4 (compliments slip format)
97107 - Size A5

If you would like to include the statement in your document (as opposed to using an insert), you can use image 1 (portrait) or image 2 (landscape) and adjust to size. 

This statement is also available in words and pictures, audio and British Sign Language. Click here. 

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