Go Rainbow!

We’re giving NHSGGC staff the chance to switch to a rainbow lanyard in support of the LGBT+ community.

Fear of discrimination is stopping some Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender people from accessing the services and care they need.

More than 20% of LGBT people feel uncomfortable being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with NHS staff.

Over 30% feel this way about being open with social care staff.

41% think they would be discriminated against by staff if they were in a residential home.

“It’s vital that LGBT staff and patients feel they can engage with NHS services without fear of prejudice and discrimination,” said Alastair Low of the Equality & Human Rights Team. “By displaying the rainbow - the recognised symbol of LGBT pride – we can send a clear message of support to the LGBT community.”

LGBT History Month - February 2019

Make sure you have your rainbow lanyard for LGBT History month

They are available from the Support & Information Service at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, the New Victoria Hospital and Stobhill Hospital and also at Royal Alexandra Hospital's Reception.

You can also contact us with your request.

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