Addressing Income Inequality, Poverty and Social Issues

The Fairer Scotland Duty

The Fairer Scotland Duty came into force in April 2018 with the aim of ensuring that public sector bodies consider how they can reduce socio-economic disadvantage when making key strategic decisions.

'Socio-Economic Requirements' - Equality & Human Rights Commission Summary Report

Addressing socio-economic issues in NHSGGC

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is involved in a range of work to tackle inequality as a result of income inequality, poverty and social issues. 

Child Poverty

Welfare Reform

Money Advice Referrals

Food Insecurity/Poverty -  NHSGGC's hospital based services assess for malnutrition and diet on admission. Our Financial Inclusion Group shares information on good practice around food poverty issues,  highlighting the negative impact on health and stress and promoting community food initiatives.

Staff Money Worries

Home Energy Advice - NHSGGC has a partnership with Home Energy Scotland.  This means patient and staff struggling to pay with for fuel and requiring improvements to equipment receive the support they need.  The service is promoted in hospitals and communities. 

NHS Credit Union

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Welfare Reform

Human Rights

The Health Gap

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